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Treatments & Therapies


Yoga for Pain Relief

Yoga can do wonders for many of life’s ailments. There are many forms and different types of Yoga throughout the world. Yoga is an ancient practice that usually involves controlled, purposeful breathing techniques with beneficial stretching and poses. Yoga integrates the mind, body, and spirit in a total overall treatment of pain. More information >

Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Hypnosis can be used to assist in relieving pain. Some may be skeptical of hypnosis and the stigmas often associated with its use. However, appropriate, well-controlled, professional hypnosis can be utilized to allow a patient to enter a certain frame of mind that allows one to better control their own physical and mental reactions towards painful stimulants. More information >

Ozone Therapy

Use of Ozone therapy is controversial and not widely accepted. Currently, this practice is not accepted amongst most states or amongst most medical professionals within the United States. Ozone therapy is the use of gas bi-products produced through the earth’s ozone. This gas bi-product is utilized as an injectable toxin into the body; more specifically joints. More information >


It is often used in physical therapy as a means of pulling or creating tension on a skeletal structure. There are three types of traction: Sustained Traction, Intermittent Mechanical Traction, and Manual Traction. More information >

Physical Therapy

Using the skills of a licensed physical therapist, a patient’s pain can be further controlled and/or prevented. Physical therapy can prevent dysfunction of joints and muscles that may occur with misuse/lack of use due to pain and/or injury. More information >