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Treatments & Therapies


It is often used in physical therapy as a means of pulling or creating tension on a skeletal structure. There are three types of traction. Sustained Traction is thought to be the most effective in separating joint surfaces. Intermittent Mechanical Traction is thought to be the most effective in mobilizing joint surfaces. Manual Traction is thought to be the best tolerated by most patients. Spinal traction can help treat nerve root impingement, herniated discs, compression fractures, grade I spondylolithesis (slipping of one vertebrae onto another), hypomobile facet joints (the joints of the spine), and paraspinal muscle spasm. Cervical (vertebrae in neck) traction and lumbar (vertebrae in lower back) can be done either manually by a licensed professional or mechanically. Traction is not appropriate for everyone; make sure to speak with your provider before initiating physical therapy using traction.