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Surgical Procedures


Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopy is a way for providers to see inside the body or an organ while using minimally invasive instruments that have cameras and will only require small incisions. Providers are using this technique to treat issues with the spine. Since endoscopy uses smaller incisions: 1) the healing times can be shorter, 2) there is usually less pain associated with treatment, and 3) a quicker recovery period. More information >

Facet Fusion Surgery

The facet joint (zygopophysial joint) is a synovial (fluid) joint that is created between two vertebra in the spine. This joint allows for the different levels of the spine to move. Facet fusion surgery fuses these bony segments of the vertebra to treat certain spinal conditions such as disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis (a condition where the vertebra are displaced improperly), scoliosis, compression fracture, back pain, etc. More information >

Interspinous Spacers

The spinous process is the body part one can feel when they run their hand down their spine. The spinous process is very close to the skin’s surface, which makes the procedure to place spacers less invasive. Spacers are placed to open the foramen (opening) from the spinal column to allow the nerves that go through the opening to have more room. More information >