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Pain and Debilitating Conditions

Outpatient Opiate Detox Program

Opiates are often prescribed as a pharmacologic pain management method of providing patients with pain relief. While some people are able to take these prescriptions with no adverse effects, others find that they become addicted and cannot stop use due to intense withdrawal symptoms. On a physiological level, long-term opiate use can cause the nerve cells in the brain to stop functioning as they normally would and to stop producing endorphins (biochemicals that work to naturally reduce pain perception). As a result, the nerve cells start to degenerate and cause a physical dependency on opiates.

Opium addiction is a serious condition and our pain management center can help. Through our interdisciplinary, team- and community-based approach, we offer alternative pain management techniques and therapies through an outpatient opiate detoxification program. The goal of this opiate detox program is to help patients learn to break their medication dependency. The first step is to provide safe withdrawal or detox through one or a combination of methods to be chosen based on a patient’s general health condition, psychological state, external support, and length of time addicted. The second step is focused on successful recovery through comprehensive drug rehabilitation that addresses the root causes of the patient’s addiction.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a problem with opiate abuse or opium addiction, contact our pain management center to seek medical help. Through safe detox and effective counseling, we’ll help you break dependency and find relief for a better quality of life.