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Medical Pharmacologic Pain Management / Medications

Narcotic Management

Narcotic is a term that is usually used more for legal reasons. Narcotics and opioids are often interchanged. Opioids are medications that act on different pain receptors in the body. If the medication hits these receptors, it decreases or eliminates the pain sensation that a patient may feel. However, these medications can hit many other receptors in the body causing various side effects and potentially life threatening issues. In pain management, the use of opioids is common, but only after other reasonable treatments have been utilized and failed. Use of opioids in patients is well controlled and strictly monitored by providers. Depending on which state your provider practices, there are different rules and regulations to the prescribing and monitoring of opioid use in patients. There is also a national agency that monitors all prescriptions written for opioids, known as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Every pain management practice has their own practices and policies in place that allow proper and well controlled opioid/narcotic management.