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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Treatments & Therapies

Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Hypnosis can be used to assist in relieving pain. Some may be skeptical of hypnosis and the stigmas often associated with its use. However, appropriate, well-controlled, professional hypnosis can be utilized to allow a patient to enter a certain frame of mind that allows one to better control their own physical and mental reactions towards painful stimulants. Hypnosis works under a theory that one can train the brain to dissociate from the source of pain mentally; therefore, dissociating from it physically. In other words, control one’s body with one’s own mind. There has been some positive research regarding the success and benefits to hypnotherapy for pain, but much more is necessary for the entire medical world to support it. In general, integrating professional hypnosis in the plan for treatment of chronic pain can be a great tool.