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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Pain and Debilitating Conditions

Personalized Diet and Exercise Program

Diet and exercise programs focus on improving your health through a nutritional plan and by engaging you in controlled, gradual, and progressive exercises. Our pain management center is a community-based organization that works closely with local nutritionists and fitness experts to provide acute or chronic pain patients with a diet and exercise program customized to their individual needs and condition. Diet and exercise made available through the comprehensive pain rehabilitation services of our pain management center may just be the key to living your life with relief from pain, or to be as pain free as possible.

Diet for Pain Relief
What you eat can actually affect your level of pain. For example, studies show that patients who are overweight are known to produce high levels of cytokines, C-reaction, and other pro-inflammatory chemicals in their fatty tissue, which is an endocrine (hormone-producing) organ. These substances promote joint and tissue damage and increase pain. With our interdisciplinary approach to pain rehabilitation, pain management physicians and dieticians will work as a team to develop a simple-to-follow and delicious personalized diet plan that helps you lose weight, relieve pain, sleep better, and feel great.

Exercise for Pain Relief
Exercise is a natural and creative form of pain rehabilitation centered on helping patients avoid stiffness and weakness, minimize the recurrence of pain, and reduce the severity and duration of possible future episodes. Depending on the type of your pain – acute or chronic – and the location of your pain – knee, joint, lower back, neck, shoulders, etc. – your program will include precise exercises geared to muscle strengthening and stretching. Our physical medicine physicians are also specially trained to devise an exercise program appropriate for you and your condition, and suggest a daily and/or weekly routine to achieve positive pain relief results.

A proper diet and an exercise regimen can reduce pain and improve debilitating conditions. Additionally, patients who participate in diet and exercise programs as part of comprehensive pain rehabilitation to relieve lower back, neck, knee, and joint pain, may find that not only is their general physical condition improved, but that they also have a more positive psychological outlook. Stop letting pain limit your potential; start living life to the fullest, pain free, healthy, and physically fit.