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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Diagnostic Testing


Independent Medical Exams

This is a physical exam that can be performed by doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, or any licensed health care provider. Usually, the examination is the first meeting between the patient and examiner, indicating that there is no history or past relationship between the patient and the examiner. This creates an unbiased examination. More information >

Functional Capacity Evaluations

This describes an examination between the patient and provider in which the provider is trying to determine the patient’s ability to continue and/or return to doing work-related activities. More information >

Electrodiagnostic Examinations

The body uses electrical signals to communicate. Signals can be sent to and from the brain using the body’s muscles and nerves. When injury and/or disease occur in the body, these signals can be affected. These signal disruptions can lead to symptoms of muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, pain, etc. More information >

Urine Drug Screen

Urine drug screens are a simple way for a provider to test the concentrations of drugs and metabolites in the body. This allows providers to monitor the proper medication doses and compliance in the pain management patient population. It is a simple test where the patient provides a urine specimen during their visit.More information >