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Types of Pain and Problems

Spinal Cord Injury Pain

A spinal cord injury can occur anywhere down the spine, except below the L1 vertebrae. Aside from the acute pain that may occur after injury, some people can develop chronic pain. If a lesion occurs somewhere on the spinal cord, it can lead to what is called “central pain”. This damages the sensory pathways that run up and down the spine which normally allow communication to occur from the brain to the rest of the body. Symptoms of this pain can vary greatly from numbness to tingling to a squeezing sensation, etc. This pain can occur in small or large areas, be one-sided, and can “come and go”, etc. Central pain can be difficult to treat and usually takes a multi-modal approach. Treatment can include medication management, use of local anesthetics/injections, opioids, peripheral stimulation (TENS unit), deep brain stimulation, etc.