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Types of Pain and Problems

Peripheral Neuropathy/Nerve Damage

Peripheral neuropathy is a numbness or weakness that affects the extremities, most often the hands and feet. It causes tingling and/or burning, most often described as a “pins & needles” sensation. It is also caused by damage to the nerves. While the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes it can also be a result of trauma, infection or toxin exposure. Most often it is a gradual onset and symptoms vary depending on the nerves involved. It is best to seek medical help as soon as the symptoms are noticed as treatment works best when started early.

If left untreated complications may result. Patients who experience the loss of feeling in a limb are at greater risk for serious infection, which left untreated may result in amputation. Treatment of peripheral neuropathy begins with treating the underlying condition. If the underlying cause is resolved, the neuropathy usually will also resolve. Commonly the treatment involves medications such as pain relievers, anti depressants, anti seizure medications and lidocaine patches. In some cases transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) have been used successfully.