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Types of Pain and Problems

PHN/Post-Herpatic Neuralgia

Post-Herpatic Neuralgia is pain that occurs after an acute herpes zoster infection. Once an individual contracts herpes zoster, the virus has the ability to remain dormant within the body’s nerve roots. It can reappear at a later time causing inflammation to the nerves of the body. Herpes Zoster may erupt along the dermatomes of the chest area. Aside from the rash/bumps that are often linear in appearance, patients complain of deep pain, superficial burning, and skin sensitivity. Following an acute attack, pain can occur for up to 24 weeks after crusting of the lesions. Post-Herpatic Neuralgia gradually improves in patients. Treatment options include multiple types of medications including oral/topical anti-virals and oral/topical analgesics. Injections and nerve blocks may be very beneficial.