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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Pain Management Procedures

Joint Injections

This procedure is primarily used to treat pain in the joints such as knees, shoulders and hips. Joint injections are commonly used to treat arthritis pain and other ailments such as frozen shoulder and tendinitis. Joint injections are effective tools in the treatment of the pain symptoms and can be used in conjunction with other medications as well as physical therapy.

Joint injections are primarily done in the office setting. However, your healthcare provider may elect to use fluoroscopic guidance to ensure proper positioning. The injection site is cleansed thoroughly using sterile solution. A local anesthetic mixed with an anti-inflammatory agent (corticosteroid) is administered using a hypodermic syringe.

How does it Work?
The corticosteroid reverses and controls the inflammation of the joint, alleviating the pain.

Recovery Time
Joint injections are done on an outpatient basis and patients can leave once they are finished with the procedure.

For a better understanding of interventional pain treatment services, contact the healthcare professionals at Minimally Invasive Pain Institute.  They can help customize a treatment for you and your acute or chronic pain condition. To find out if you are a good candidate, or for more information on this and other pain treatment services, read on or contact our pain management center.  Together, we’ll help you find the relief you need for the quality of life you deserve.