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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Types of Pain and Problems

Devil’s Grip

This disease has many names: Bornholm Disease, Epidemic Pluerodynia, Bamble Disease, Epidemic Myalgia, and Epidemic Diaphragmatic Pleurodynia. The main symptom is pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen. Patients who suffer from Devil’s grip also experience severe headaches, fevers, and disturbances in their reflexes. Currently, there have been cases in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and areas of the New Jersey shore. The cause of this infection is unknown. Some cases have been linked to Coxsackie B Virus. Although little is known, it most often occurs during the summer season and is highly contagious. It is believed to be transmitted through oral secretions, but other routes of transmission have not been ruled out. Symptomatic treatment is available and the illness usually occurs for about a week. If experiencing these type symptoms, seek medical care.