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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Types of Pain and Problems

Cervical Whiplash Injury

Cervical whiplash is an acute sprain or strain to the neck that occurs when one’s head is forced in a forward and/or backward motion without direct application of that force. For example, many cervical whiplash injuries may be caused by car accidents, falls, roller coasters, physical abuse (e.g. being punched or shaken) and certain contact sports. This sprain or strain usually affects the joints of the neck and the surrounding muscles that support the neck (such as the trapezius muscle). Some patients may have shoulder pains associated with this neck pain. There are many possible treatments for cervical whiplash injury including cervical traction, heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, massage, isometric neck exercises, soft cervical collar, NSAIDs, and short-term use of analgesics.