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Minimally Invasive Pain Institute

Types of Pain and Problems

Anterior Inter-osseous Syndrome (aka Kiloh-Nevin Syndrome)

Anterior Inter-osseous Syndrome is when there is weakness or pain that occurs in the index and middle fingers and forearm. This results when the anterior inter-osseous nerve, a large nerve that branches off from the median nerve, is trapped in its surroundings. The inter-osseous nerve is just below the elbow in the forearm and is responsible for strength and motor movement. To diagnose Anterior Inter-osseous Syndrome, your health care provider will conduct a thorough examination. Other diagnostic tests, such as EMG/NCS testing, x-rays, or MRIs may be performed. Treatment options include rest, splints, anti-inflammatory medications, therapy, or injections. If these treatment options do not work, surgical intervention may be necessary.